Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Under the UBA program, our institute adopted a cluster of five villages namely Alipur, Surajpur, ChandiMandir, Gobindpur and Bhanoo in consultation with the Districts Collector. A village development plan (VDP) is prepared outlining the desired developments according to the inhabitants – for the quality of life within the village and in the immediate surroundings. It Identifies issues affecting the community – social, environment and economic. How a community sees itself developing over the next few years and what actions are needed to realize that vision. During this initial evolutionary period, the main emphasis will be on setting up the structural network and the modalities along with developing the interventional competence as well as the rapport between various constituents involved in the UBA and by winning the confidence of the people at large. A participatory method is used to gather information by involving Rural/ local communities for decision making and implementation of the development project.It is a process to involve the community in planning and decision making. Community develop their own skills needed to address issues, analyse options and carry out activities. Participatory decision making reflects respect for human dignity and creating the opportunity for individuals to fulfil their responsibility to exercise the right.
Steps of preparing a plan of action:

  1. Identification of the village and key persons for knowledge input Social Mobilization through hamlet meeting and village meeting.
  2. Conducting primary survey and secondary data collection
  3. Analysis of data, identification of problem and issues