Lesson Plan Architecture Assistantship

1st Year

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 English English
2 Architectural Drawing-I Architectural Drawing-I
3 Sketch and Model Making Sketch & Model Making
4 Architectural Design-I Architectural Design-I
5 Building Materials-I Building Materials-I
6 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies
7 Applied Science and Mathematics Applied Science and Mathematics
8 Information Technology Information Technology
9 Building Construction-I Building Construction-I

3rd Semester

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 History of Architecture-I History of Architecture-I
2 Architectural Drawing-III Architectural Drawing-III
3 Surveying Surveying
4 Climatology Climatology
5 Building Services Building Services
6 Building Construction-II Building Construction-II
7 Architectural Design-II Architectural Design-III

5th Semester

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 History of Architecture-III History of Architecture-III
2 Reinforced Cement Concrete Reinforced Cement Concrete
3 Working Drawing-II Working Drawing-II
4 Computer Applications in Architecture-II Computer Applications in Architecture-II
5 Building Construction-IV Building Construction-IV
6 Architecture Design-IV Architecture Design-IV