Lesson Plan Computer Engineering

1st Year

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 English English
2 Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics
3 Applied Physics Applied Physics
4 Computer Fundamentals Computer Fundamentals
6 EVS Environmental Studies
7 Engg. Graphics Engineering Graphics
8 Information Technology Information Technology
9 IOT and AI IOT and AI

3rd Semester

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 Programming in C Programming in C
2 Operating System Operating System
3 Digital Electronics Digital Electronics
4 Multimedia Applications Multimedia Applications
5 Data Communication Data Communication

4th Semester

S. No. Subject Lesson Plan Link
1 Data Structures Using C Data Structures Using C
2 OOPs using Java OOPS using Java
3 Computer Organization Computer Organization
4 Microprocessors and Peripheral Devices Microprocessors and Peripheral Devices
5 Data Base Management System