Our Library

This institute Library is a modern library meant to fulfill the information needs of students, faculty and staff of various Departments of the Institute. One reading hall with a seating capacity of 40 has been provided with the Periodical Section where all the journals, newspapers and magazines are displayed. Library has a rich collection of various volumes in the stream of Engineering & Technology, Applied sciences etc. Library is also having magazines and newspapers for its readers.


The following shall be entitled to enroll themselves as members of the library:
1) The faculty members of various departments.
2) Non-teaching staff of the Institute.
3) All the students enrolled in the various departments of the Institute.
Those who are willing to become member of the Library are required to fill up library membership card duly recommended by the chairperson/ head of the department. Each member has been issued a non-transferable library card.

Library and Reading Room

The students are allowed to use  these books freely under the following regulations:- 1. Books must be returned or got renewed within 15 days, but the Librarian may summon the return to any book earlier and when urgently required.
2. Fine as per Library rules will be imposed for every book returned late.
3. Students will be required to pay the cost of books, if lost by them along with fine as per library rules shall also be imposed.
4. Marking on books, defacing or tearing of paper is not permitted and the defaulters will ordinarily be required to pay the price of the book.
5. Technical journals are provided only in the Reading Room for the students. The automation of Digital Library is under process.